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Destined death- Meerut to Mysore

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Destined death- Meerut to Mysore

9 MARCH 2010 12:15 A.M.

It was a cool night, in terms of the work load at the emergency department. My colleagues and I were preparing to hit the sack at the duty room; we were resting for the past 2 hours and having fun. Its nice to have a cool duty sometimes. Just when a patient was brought in, gasping and in critical condition. His pulse and BP were normal, but GCS 3/15, pupils dilated. We intubated the patient and referred him to a higher center for a CT scan. Damn!! A tertiary healthcare center like ours doesnt have a 24 hour CT scan. With in minutes he collapsed and expired. So what's new?

Nothing in our scenario, but the fact that the patient who died was a retired man, on a holiday to mysore all the way from Meerut. He had come with a friend of his. An evening at KRS turned out to be fatal. He slipped a step in the rush and fell onto his head, he kissed death. The problem and stupidity was that he came 15 km to Mysore in an auto, thats because his friend was from Meerut and he had no idea as to where to call for help. The stupid CMO of our hospital made the self fall case as an MLC. What more, the poor guy will have to suffer futher. He will have to get slit into two to ascertain the cause of his death. He has his family based in Meerut.

I sank into my chair and gave it a thought. Life is full of surprises. Death also sometimes as in this case. A trivial fall in a garden(stairs) led to death. My belief in destiny only grew stronger. I remembered a poem from my school days wherein a soldier recollects the lost lives of his colleagues in a far away land alien to his hometown, where the dead lies burried in an unknown territory. Time for another case

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