Sunday, May 2, 2010

October Sky

Its kinda funny at the first place that i end up blogging about the movies I watch. But some are so beautiful that it just inspires me to write about it. Especially the ones based on true life stories. Life isn't the same for all of us. We all have ambitions and aspirations. We all wanna be the best in the world in whatever field we take (end) up. But not all are destined to achieve their goals. Or are we? Do we push ourselves out of the box to realise our dreams? I really dont know how many of us really satisfy our inner desire. May be the desires dwindle as the time moves on and we dont bother. We tear it apart and burn it saying it was only a hobby; may be at that point of time. Or may be the circumstances prevail over us and we are forced to walk out of our dreams. No matter what the innumerable reasons which we can account for, the fact remains that very few of us get what we really want to.
October sky is one really superb movie that I wish everyone watches. Not that its an extraordinary movie or something. But just the reason for that its a movie we all can relate to. Most of us,if not all are ordinary but if we fuel our dreams with hardwork and dedication;and the mere love for the thing that our heart wants to achieve; we all can reach greater heights. Everyone of us has it within them to make a mark, but we all refrain from the path citing some or the other reason and blaming it on the situations or circumstances.
An average school boy, Homer is inspired by the first rocket launched into space and sets out to achive his dream of launching a rocket for the US. He has his friends for support and his sets out with innumerable futile attempts to making a successful model. His dad, who works in the mining industry wants his son to do the same; and thats the way of life in the village. The only way one can move to college is through football scholarship. Homer fights many odds including being handcuffed and working in the mines for a few weeks to finally launch his dream rocket. Its a beautifully scripted movie with lovely emotional touches in between. If you are yet to watch it, make sure you do.
We all have a dream; lets make it come true.


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