Monday, January 31, 2011

Limp Free India

It pains me when I watch a disabled walk into my O.P.D. asking for a disability certificate. The poor individual has lost his ability to live life normally. He is dependent and desolate. I ask myself if I can help them out. A certificate would give them a thousand per month that would help his/her family support for the basic needs. But does it help the individual overcome his daily wrath? Surely no.

It dawned upon me real hard that someday I must do something more than scribble the percentage of disability on the certificates. It is when I conceived the idea of ' LIMP FREE INDIA'. An organisation which would help people with disabilities get back to normal through custom made prosthesis and ortho/neuro surgeries which should be done free/ nominal rates. It is too premature of it to become a reality. But someday 10 years from now, I am sure that I would turn my dream into reality and bring back a smiles to the needy.

Join hands for 'LIMP FREE INDIA'