Sunday, February 13, 2011

My ORKUT testimonials

With Orkut dead and buried I just thought it was worth preserving the testimonials :-) 

Vipul - Dr Over confident,tats wat i call him..he he,keeps on talking nonsense and rubbish,,repeats again..but we still like him..good sense of humor..looks sophisticated and posh,but we know the reality,he is a real chappar..atlast he gave a party after braggin him for two years..he wanted to take anatomy or even biochemistry at pgi or aiims,,but i knew the man is going no where..ha ha..right now he is circling around kims,bangalore,god knows why but theres something fishy..all in all,australian by look,australian by heart,,but looks like chubby newzealand cricketer JESSE RYDER.

Rakesh- Dr kedar :-) the simple thought of him make anyone laugh ....Let it be in the busy opd or in the ot ...He is a person with a gr8 sense of humor ....Made my ortho postings a gr8 one ....He is gr8 friend anyone could have :) he is the best in anything he does let it be fixin bones or mimicking patil and sometimes comes of kaladagi ....A movie freak :-) but a good one.:) plannin to write a novel ...I am waiting for that.:-) likes his guitar ...Plays it ones a while ...And a gr8 person ...I know you will have a gr8 life bless you.:-)

Anuradha - Hope i'm eligible to write on d one who's already received volumes of testimonials:) And that's exactly what describes him - all the amassed treasure, in d form of friends....:) One whose 'HELLO' to u feels like a gentle breeze, no wonder nobody escapes his friendship... N as i ve heard, he works for lesser time but more in magnitude (it's called EFFICIENCY or laziness if u lik;>), a seldom-boring chatterbox.. N i also belive dr Kedar is a storehouse of strange philosophies, ya?:) no doubt, One who strives to live lyf to d fullest.... My best wishes out to u sir.. [for more stories, u know:)]    

Durgaprasad- amalgamation of goodlooks ,wit , humour , menace , american english and wealth.....many post graduates allover India say his name in their prayers for his motivation and guidance[cf rxpg]....a great lover of bollywood [but a hater of 'indian-ness'] has a special place in his heart for aamir khan and katrina kaif....:-). this arya kid would have got us independence way before we got it, had he been born at that time ; for the rebel he ex-room mate is a great fellow to spend time with ... you will laugh till ya ribs crack when ya with him ..but dont worry ..he will fix ya bones for he s THE orthopaedician ...P.S he plans to charge in dollars/pounds...bu ha ha ha

Ashwini - Kedar is one of the sweetest, smartest and most quick witted folks around, You will always be laughing uproariously at his humor when you are with him! He has an amazing zest for life, is always learning something or the other, and you can turn to him for any help at any point of time for anything! He is an amazing amazing guy, and despite being second cousins, he is more of a friend and confidante than a relative to me. Bro, remember me to treat me free of cost when i end up growing old and bones get wobbly; and here's to a lifelong friendship with the most handsome doc I know!

Ajith- well ekta was searching for a hero who's name srarts with  K .  she has found the guy ,that is none other than the person i am writing about... ( coming shortly)
simple person who loves cricket,biscuits,movies, computer,shopping,drivng,playing cricket,making and drinking tea , playing guitat , singing,so on...............................................................................................and some times reading.
given profession of  lawyer he would be the richest if the lot.

Zubin - He is the creator of the 20 din!!...a simple thread that has grown into a very close family........always there for people he believes in...master of many talents...ready to help everyone..his energy to do his work always amazes me..doesnt give up..and always strives for tht extra....nowdays he is fixing broken bones and doin an amazin job of it as evident from his pics...he is born to be a doctor..and i am sure he will be one of the premier orthopaedician in coming years.....and yeah he loves his music and he jus might be the next chetan out fellas, he is ready to conquer da world...
all da best buddy and keep going.....

Umesh- wel wel he sure is the hunk of mmc every girl goes crazy behind him never has anyone like him stepped into mmc he sure captures the hearts of girls in our campus but still he is very simple and down to earth

Swaroop - Fighter, he is
The future belongs, to him

The eneregizer bunny(TM), takes inspiration, from Aryakid®

Ravinder - You R Awsummmmm........ dude !!!!

I really rushed to say this !!....

Thank God,

I wish I m in.....


Ravichandra Karkal - A calm and chubby lover-boy better known as aryakid!Loves music and always ready to help..Has a gr8 sense of humour..has lately been fixing broken bones and planning to be a storyteller(well he has already written one, if i am not wrong)...My neighbour when i used to be in hostel...and i really enjoyed his company...Thanx for everything...

Ashish Kedia - A DR..... who left me in between for hio studies....he is the first few people who are for ever....we exchnaged letter..."Chitti aayi re...."...I used to wait for the letters he used to write in for me.....we stayed together ...had weired competitions...played together ann we have lived life to the fullest....

A Great friend....A lovely family.....

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