Tuesday, March 1, 2011

60 days to go- EXAMS

I had a sleepless afternoon yesterday despite being in bed for over 3 hours. And I rarely fail to fall asleep; given my standards. It has been exactly 2 years now that I have joined orthopedics at MMC, and it fails to amaze me how it seems like only a couple of weeks. Well, back to the topic- why didn't I fall asleep?
I kept thinking of one thing over and over again; 'EXAMS'
Another 60 odd days to go before I write my post graduation exams and I was finally getting tensed about it. Never in the last 2 years did I even think about it for a minute, but yesterday my mind was all into it.
I started reading well today after clearing my mind of all the negative thoughts and with the divine blessings of Lord Chamundi; the only place in Mysore where I have sought peace.

The time has finally come for a final onslaught, just like the 45th over in a ODI. And what's more? I'm all excited to meet the challenge. 
A new life awaits me at the other end of the exams and that gives me, all the more a reason to give my best.

Signing off for today....

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